Drikung Kagyu Ratna Shri Center

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Drikung Kagyu Ratna Shri center is the Tibetian Buddhism center in Tallinn, where regular practice evenings, meditation weekends, courses for beginners and longer summer retreats are organized. Various meditations taught in the Center originate from Drikung Kagyu ancient system of teaching. Every person can find suitable exercises to oneself  but Drikung Lamas recommend to start with mind-calming shi-ne meditation and the exact group of Nöndro-exercises. Those should be the basement and even simultaneous for the further practice of meditation.
Besides meditators there are gathering people who are fond of Tibetan language, music and culture.
The member of the Center are people who wish to support Buddhism in Estonia and Lama Sangyas Rinpoche´s staying here.




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